Alan Locklear raises his glass to the Friends at our 40th Birthday Bash last fall.  Alan has just "retired" after 15 years of volunteer service with the Friends.

After fifteen years of dedicated volunteer service to the Friends of the Library, Alan Locklear “retired” this past November.

Alan was the right person at the right time, and we’re glad he checked out the Friends. After being a member for four or five years, Alan started volunteering just as the Friends Library Store was opening for business in 1997 in the newly renovated Central Library. With experience as a receiving clerk, his skills were invaluable in setting up the new, 350 square-foot retail store which featured gifts, cards, toys and an eclectic variety of book paraphernalia (but surprisingly no used books, those came in 2005).

Alan reminisced at all the activity it took to get the store open and running smoothly, especially using the county’s “pony,” the inter-library trucking service that ferried all the store goods from the Friends office at the Library Administration building in NE Portland (and later from the Yeon Building on SW 5th Ave.) to the store location in Central Library.  He explained that the hardest part was learning to use a Macintosh, as he’d always been a PC user.

With Mac experience in hand by the early 2000s, Alan moved over to the Membership side of the Friends organization and has been our data entry volunteer ever since.  He has graciously spent over 700 hours entering the names and addresses of new and renewing FOL members into our database with a keen eye for accuracy.  We have treasured Alan for his reliability, his good nature, his dedication, and for supplying the office staff with extra bounty from his well-loved garden.  “Alan has been the rock of FOL membership for so many years, it will be hard to carry on without his experience,” says Administrative Coordinator Sara Lindgren. 

In addition to volunteering at FOL, Alan has also kindly offered his time at the Audubon Society of Portland, 1,000 Friends of Oregon, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Food Front Co-op, Oregon Chapter of the Sierra Club and KBOO Community Radio. Alan certainly belongs among the rare collectibles of dedicated Portland volunteers! Lindgren continues, “We want to thank Alan for his service, and we wish him well as he and his wife Marie take time to travel, tend their garden and advocate for clean energy. And I hope to continue to hear about Alan’s yearly Audubon Society Birdathon trips as a member of the Wild Turkeys; last year they set a record of 230 species sighted in one weekend!”

The last book Alan checked out? The Quincunx by Charles Palliser.