Online Book Sales

Unearth Treasures Online

Now Friends members and booklovers from all over the world can access our storefront to discover hundreds of tantalizing and beautiful titles from first edition signed copies to out-of-print treasures. Books for children, adults, students . . . they're all waiting for you! All online orders ship within two business days and are carefully packed to ensure that you receive your order quickly and in good condition.

History of Online Sales 

The Friends Online Bookstore on was launched in early May of 2012 by Carol Clifton, longtime Friend and former FOL President.  She got this business started and then turned the day-to-day management over to the Friends Library Store.  The store sells donated books that are identified as having greater potential to be sold online (they are generally valued at $25 or more). 


Online sales have been very good so far and we are constantly looking for additional inventory.  Donations of good, used books, CD’s, DVD’s and audio books are always welcome.  We sell the materials at our two annual Used Book Sales, at the Friends Library Store located in Central Library, and at our new online bookstore. Donors can drop up to two boxes of books and media at any Multnomah County Library where the helpful library staff will gladly provide a receipt for your donation.  If you have a bigger donation, please call the Friends at (503) 988-6191 to arrange for a pick-up.

This article was written for the Friends of the Multnomah County Library by Michael Taylor and Greg Kamerer.

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